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World’s Most Expensive Manicure: Kelly Osbourne’s Emmies Black Diamond Nails
Well now! Black Diamond nails worth a $250,000 isn’t just for everyone. And surely not for everyday occasions. But Kelly Osbourne wore the sparkling precious... Read More

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Maria Carey Nail Polish: OPI Glitter, Rainbow, Butterfly!
Because we didn’t have enough movies to inspire new nail polish, Mariah Carey decided to take the fate of the next generation of OPI nail... Read More

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True Blood Makeup Now Available!
True Blood, my dahlings, is so big, you have to have a nail polish inspired by HBO’s TV series! Names like Forsaken and Bite Me,... Read More

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Quick How To Apply Nail Polish Like A Professional!
When I was 10, my mom presented me with my first nails file. She desperately tried to discourage me from biting my nails so she... Read More

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Summer 2012 Nails Must: Outrageous Neons By OPI
If you rounded the boutiques (online or at your local mall), you’ve seen the multitude of neon – anything on the clothes racks or the... Read More

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Summer Gold Fever: Chanel Bombay Express Summer 2012 Makeup
A good tan always goes great with a nice golden shimmer. Be it on your eyelids, on your fingertips, this is a Gold Fever Summer!... Read More

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New Must Have Nail Polish: Industrial Oil Slick From Ciate
I’m a self confessed nail maniac. More on the French Manicure side, but still, you won’t catch me without nail polish! As such, I love... Read More

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Nars & Thakoon, Nars & Warhol
Nars Cosmetics seems to be on a very creative streak this year! Not only they’re issuing a nail polish collection inspired by the Thakoon Spring... Read More

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