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Amazing Hair: Have You Seen World’s Tallest Mohawk?
Did you ever wanted to add extra inches without the inherent high heels shoes? Or did you ever feel that ultra state of punk and... Read More

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Must Try Haircut: NASA Mohawk Made Famous By Bobak Ferdowsi
My dahlings, as you may have probably heard, NASA launched a little robot to Mars. Curiosity landed successfully on Mars and the people at Mission... Read More

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Heidi Klum’s Boys Now Sport Mohawks
If you’re familiar with Heidi Klum, even a little bit, there’s one other thing to know about her, aside from her being a gorgeous supermodel:... Read More

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Latest In Kids Hairstyles The Blue Mohawk By Kingston Rossdale
If you’re looking for a new cool haircut for your kid and you’re feeling a bit unconventional, you may want to consider the picture below.... Read More

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