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Mischa Barton’s Weight Out Of Control
How low must they expect the ratings charts for Mischa’s show to go if they’re speculating (again) on Mischa Barton’s weight? The poor girl’s picture... Read More

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Jessica Stam, Elettra Rossellini, Mischa Barton Charity Water
Beauty and charity always made a power couple! Jessica Stam and Elettra Rossellini teamed up with Scott Harrison, the Charity: Water founder to raise awareness... Read More

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Mischa Barton In New Handbags Ads
Starring under director extraordinaire Ashton Kutcher looks like a sure ticket to her once glamorous spotlight in celeb world. But why would anyone buy those... Read More

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The Beautiful Life Of Mischa Barton
The wonderful Mischa Barton and her wonderful TV show The Beautiful Life (The Simple Life, The Beautiful Life, is there no imagination left for TV... Read More

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Mischa Barton’s BlackBook Magazine Photos
Mischa Barton is one of those Gossip Columns darlings everyone loves to say something about. Just because they can. Just because she doesn’t do anything... Read More

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Mischa Barton Has A New Job Chez Herbal Essence!
I really don’t understand why people who look so miserable get called in for a spokesface job! Mischa Barton looks like she’s worth at least... Read More

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Mischa Barton’s Headband Line For Stacey Lapidus
Headbands are a great fashion statement it appears. Mischa Barton wears them, so they’ve got to be a smashing style hit. Right? Now you may... Read More

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Mischa Barton’s Green Disaster At Lupus LA Bag Ladies Luncheon
Now this is the perfect example of how to go 100% wrong when supporting a 100% right cause! Mischa Barton is not a favorite of... Read More

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