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Scarlett Johansson For Mango Summer 2010 – The Rejuvenating Collection
Contrary to what it may appear from the following lines, I value Scarlett Johansson as a professional. Her acting career is filled with authenticity and... Read More

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MDLR Moises De La Renta For Mango Collection
Looking back at some of our latest features, I keep repeating over and over again in my head that even if some get lucky and... Read More

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Scarlett Johansson Back To Blonde For Mango Fall Winter 2009 Campaign
I’m trying to understand if this is Scarlett’s real hair, new hair or just a plain, nasty wig on Scarlett Johansson for the second part... Read More

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Scarlett Johansson’s Mango Fall 2009 Ads
Mango advertisers are so inspired by Woody Allen that they decided Scarlett Johansson should be their next spokesface for Fall Winter 2009 2010. Rumor has... Read More

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Penelope Cruz Ads For Mango Summer 2009
Winning an Oscar doesn’t make Penelope Cruz forget her fashion gigs. She still has a line (with her sister) chez giant retailer Mango and now... Read More

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4th Penélope & Mónica Cruz  For Mango
Mango is Cruz-ing for the 4th time. Penélope & Mónica Cruz are the house’s designers for fall-winter 2008 2009 too. The ad campaign will, of... Read More

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Lauren Hutton Mango Fall 2008 – Supermodels Gone Too Far?
Did you ever pictured your Mango high street fast fashion store the perfect store for the +60 age? Well maybe you haven’t, but the marketing... Read More

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Elizabeth Hurley For Mango
What’s it like to have a completely respectable age and a completely respectable body? Well, it’s like this: you model for a fast fashion store... Read More

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