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Happiest Clock In The World!
Because many of you will be out celebrating this weekend (4th of July that is) and because our beloved Canadian friends already started the joyful... Read More

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Oscar De La Renta iPad Clutch
What would you do to keep your new toy safe and protected? Would you pay $290 just for a leather clutch to sneak it in?... Read More

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Hello Kitty Takes Care Of Your Car. With Agip.
For now we’re all safe. It’s only going on in Japan. Because, biensur, the Hello Kitty generation is all grown up and already driving. So... Read More

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Calvin Klein Sunglasses With Integrated USB Key
What you see here is no ordinary shades design, no sireeee! They’re worthy of a spy’s gadgets case and I really mean it! The new... Read More

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Would You Use Mobile Phone Charging Wellies?
I’ve repeatedly made no secret of my love for wellies. Sure, I got me a black noname pair to carelessly walk in the mud, however,... Read More

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Ready For The $230 Gucci iPad Case?
I remember back in the launching days of the iPad how a crushing number of our contemporaries loathed the new Apple gadget. It seems things... Read More

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iPhone 4 Is Finally Out. Ad Directed By Andrew Zuckerman!
I guess you knew this was coming… another i-something article. This time it’s not the iPad glorification you’ve been witnessing lately, oh no! It’s the... Read More

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Would You Pay $749 For A Puma Pico Bicycle?
You know I’m dreaming about biking together with my family for quite a while now. I’m still planning and waiting for the right time/bike to... Read More

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