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Sarah Burton, We Have Faith In You!
Word in the fashblogosphere is that Sarah Burton was appointed chez Alexander McQueen as creative director! Who’s Sarah Burton and why her? Sarah has been... Read More

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Ashely Olsen’s Furniture Collection, Soon?
Rumors swirl around the high fashion circles that Ashley Olsen is aiming for furniture next. (solely her name is circulated, not joined to her sister,... Read More

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Jennifer Garner And Gwen Stefani Pregnant Again
There’s been a new wave of baby bumps around… Paparazzi flashes keep on searching and we can’t do more than speculating since there haven’t been... Read More

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Fashion Industry Rumoround
With the Costume Institute Gala just around the corner, let this be a fashion web-around with goodies all around the Internet! Rumors running down the... Read More

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Lady Gaga’s Shades Collection With Linda Farrow And More With Forever 21
There’s no stopping Lady Gaga from conquering the world. Taking it one radio at the time, now one collection after another. After witnessing that madder-than-your-average-Tarantino-flick... Read More

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Lindsay Lohan Bags Collection For Ed Hardy
Let’s get the oddness out of the way: Lindsay Lohan is said to be working on a handbags collection with Ed Hardy. Not to complain,... Read More

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Lady Gaga To Design Collection With Donatella Versace?
What is wrong with the world today? Is there anyone, anyone out there in the entertainment business, who isn’t reaching for a fashion designer (however... Read More

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Agyness Deyn To Launch Online Magazine!
For those of you who were missing Agyness Deyn, this will definitely make your day! Agyness Deyn is going into the magazines business! Online, to... Read More

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