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Easy Like Playing With Kittens!
Can’t measure up to the viral power of a cat caught on film! We’ve been proven the truth value of this slogan over and over.... Read More

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Happy Stuffing!
…ahem Thanksgiving day! You can’t be too careful when doing all that stuffing and baking and … mmm you know better, now! Hope you’ll be... Read More

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Easy Like A Walk In The City!
What could beat a walk in the city? Especially when it comes with an unbeatable view! Unbeatable, I tell you! It’s easy, like one, two,... Read More

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Dogs Grooming Beyond Your Wildest Imagination!
With all that beautiful catwalking I almost forgot something I’ve been meaning to share with you! Something unbelievable! And since we were talking about haircuts... Read More

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Catfight! With Subtitles!
They say nothing beats a cats-video! That if you want attention, put a cats-something title and everyone (and their dog) will want to watch it,... Read More

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The Best Of Twilight, New Moon And The Rest!
Yo Dracula, I’m really happy for you and Ima lechu finish, but my cape is the best undead cape of all time! Of All Time!... Read More

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Koala, The Fierce!
This is pre-hump day! I’d say these Koalas outrun the kittens-classic funny video! They’re cute, they’re grumpy, they’re for real!... Read More

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The Urban Fashion Of Dog Carriers
Since it’s obviously a fashion of the rich and paparazzi-hunted, dog carriers and carrying your dog partout is an issue. While some of us still... Read More

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