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Milla Jovovich Ads For Donna Karan DK Cashmere Resort 2009
In the sacred tradition of airbrushing, here goes the ever-charming Milla Jovovich being the beautiful spokesface of the DK Cashmere Resort 2009 Ad Campaign! If... Read More

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$27,000 Glamophone With The Lady Dior Cell Phone!
I’m looking at this picture and keep wondering why would anyone want to talk to a piece of bling! I mean look at this new... Read More

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Warhol’s Campbell Soup Can. Stool.
Cheap icons. Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup can has brought us the Campbell’s Soup paper dress. Now get ready for the Campbell’s Soup Stool! Clearly more... Read More

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Mulholland Deerskin Backpack, World’s Most Expensive Backpack!
Is that so? Not any fash-competition to outshine the Mulholland Deerskin Rucksack Backpack retailing at $1,325? Made of deerskin leather (my fingers hurt from writing... Read More

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Agent Provocateur Metal Spikes Leather Corset
I’m sure this leather corset comes with handling instructions! Made by Agent Provocateur, it was hand embellished with 2-inch metal spikes and numerous metallic studs.... Read More

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Dior Kings And Queens Jewelry Collection
I’m not easily impressed with jewelry but in this case, I’ll make an exception! And what a worthy one! Worthy of Kings and Queens! From... Read More

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Louis Vuitton Most Stylish Chopsticks
Oh, I’m sorry, did I wrote “stylish”? What I actually meant was Expensive! Like in ridiculously expensive Chopsticks by Louis Vuitton, the brand of all... Read More

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Madonna’s Crushed Diamonds Scene Makeup
Madonna’s stage makeup secret revealed! Gina Brooke, Madonna’s makeup artist (Shu Uemura Artistic Director) exposed her Madgesty’s beauty tricks. But fear not, Madonna, you’re still... Read More

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