Should I Use Sulfate Shampoos Or Not?

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You know the latest debate in which the beauty industry is, again, labeled with poisonous attributes? Sulfates. Sulfates are found in cleansers – namely shampoos and body washes. Without sulfates, there’s no foam. But without sulfates, there’d be no irritations and no dryness either.

I’ve been trying to keep my beauty case as healthy as possible. Whenever possible. But at one point, engulfed by all the essential oils and impossible smelly natural soap bars, I turned to the internet, looking for more answers in the sulfate matter. And I found John Nollet, L’Oreal ambassador, who said, basically, that sulfates are OK for normal hair and low styling life regime – ready to embrace sulfates again?

“We don’t have to say sulfates are good or sulfates are bad; it all depends on your texture, your nature, and your hair habit. […]For this kind of hair [frequently styled hair, dyed, relaxed hair], we need to use product without sulfates because this hair is more sensitive and doesn’t need to have big detergents in it. If you have normal hair — and you don’t play with all these tools and you have natural hair without color — you don’t need to use this kind of product without sulfates.”

Sulfate Shampoos bad or good

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