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Cesare Paciotti’s Shoes With Lace Soles
Red Soles are soooo last season! Here’s the new it soles! Cesare Paciotti’s lace soles! Can you honestly resist to exposing the lace on your... Read More

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Would You Wear Fake Eyelashes Made From Flies Legs?
So many daring things out there, all in the name of beauty! Remember the snake venom beauty serum? Challenging cosmetics for challenging times. However, I... Read More

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And Photoshop Created The Distorted Woman
Have you seen the latest in airbrushed ad campaigns? It comes from Ann Taylor and it looks like the one below (the untouched photo at... Read More

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Designers Manicure
Have you had time to experiment with the latest zipper manicure? Because it’s already soooooo last week! Get ready for the designers manicure now! It... Read More

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Kristen McMenamy Dazed And Confused Vs. Vogue Italy August 2010
There’s definitely something grey in the air as we approach the fall days! Take for instance the August 2010 issue of Dazed and Confused with... Read More

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The New Sofa Style The Cushionized Sofa
If you’ve been around the Internet lately and haven’t found the new viral Ikea catalog that’s just been released, chances are you’ll be more reluctant... Read More

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Missoni Fall Winter 2010 2011 Ad Campaign Video
With a little will and drive, anything normal and sweet can become trendy, fancy, artsy and schmancy! Take this new video ad campaign for Missoni... Read More

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How About A Honeymoon Fragrance?
There’s a new thing on the market right now called the Honeymoon fragrance. It’s an all natural perfume made by Stephanie Simek from plant-based oils... Read More

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