Katie Holmes Baby Bump Watch?

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I was just wondering… Wearing this kind of large blouse isn’t kinda weird? I know, it’s not gossip time, but I’m curious. Especially since I’m suspecting Katie to be pregnant for awhile now (so the boyfriend jeans number would’ve been, in fact, just camouflage?)

If you look carefully, you’ll even see the burgeoning belly button due to a clear pregnancy. The baby bump is so obvious (at least to me) that I can’t believe it’s just my imagination! Indulge me here – do you think that’s a baby bump she’s sporting under her white 60s inspired blouse? (and if so, why do you think she wouldn’t she go public with the announcement?)

Katie Holmes Baby Bump Watch
(photos via justjared)


#1 Dolly Bird on 09.10.08 at 3:39 pm

Kpriss I’ve been wondering about her pregnancy too but since all the rumours started Katie would have given birth by now.LOL!Anyway,that burgeoning belly button could also be the button of her banana bag around her waist she’s hiding under her blouse from snatch thiefs.
I hope Katie and Tom would put us out of our misery and give Suri a little brother!

#2 Ellington on 09.10.08 at 4:26 pm

She probably has not announced it because Tom has not given her permission to and he does not have a new movie coming out.

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