Bare Legs are No Longer In (this Summer)

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Word is bare legs are no longer in. Then again, legs are absolutely in.

So, if we are to logically connect the two above, we’re supposed to show some serious legs this summer without showing any. (skin). Because s-s 2008 collections abounded in short skirts/dresses (yes, I know, besides prints), the general advice is to take care of your skin and tone up your muscles before showing them beauties (I have here few examples from Emporio Armani, Alexander McQueen, Philosophy by Alberta Feretti, Moschino).

Trend Summer 2008 - Short

Now comes the news – show those legs, girl, but don’t let anyone see the bare skin! You have to lace it, wrap it, cover it in shreds, nothing is too much, nothing is too frilly (hereby some examples from D & G, Benjamin Cho, Etro, Givenchy). I for one can’t wait to put on some gladiators! Even lately I saw gladiators worn with socks. Kinda shocked me at first, but when thinking more about it, I was intrigued by that look and would like to give it a try.

Trend Summer 2008 - Sandals

I won’t obsess over the gladiators/socks but I will ask you this – do you agree with this
show all but don’t let anything to be seen policy on spring-summer 2008 bare legs?
(via nymag)

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