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The Beautiful Life, A Very Short Life!
I was wondering when that’ll happen! It was highly predictable, though it fell really faster than lightning! CW’s cancellation of The Beautiful Life allows ANTM’s... Read More

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Seinfeld Is Back!
They’re getting back together (sort of) for another TV series: HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm. I’m not familiar with the show but it goes on for... Read More

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Leighton Meester Spread Fashion Disaster
Harper’s Bazaar ageless covergirl, Leighton Meester appeared on my Fashion Disaster radar when sporting this remarkable hot mess of a dress for the screening of... Read More

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A Model’s Life By Alessandra Ambrosio
Videoblogs, video anything, blog-anything, that’s what you have to do to get into the new groove! Or you could just sign in for an almost-reality... Read More

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The Lost University Needs You Now!
Namaste! If you think you’ve got what it takes to study the amazing Physics of Time Travel or the “I’m Right, you’re Wrong: The Us... Read More

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The Lost Uniform
While the world’s fashionistas struggle to find the rarest, coolest, most unique and original jumpsuit, I’m writing about uniforms! That shouldn’t be fashionable at all!... Read More

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The Beautiful Life Of Mischa Barton
The wonderful Mischa Barton and her wonderful TV show The Beautiful Life (The Simple Life, The Beautiful Life, is there no imagination left for TV... Read More

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Nylon TV Issue September 2008 – 90210 Is Back!
I guess everyone (and their dog) knows what 90210 was for the world’s teenage population. It was the teen drama par excellence. In the spirit... Read More

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