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China: Through The Looking Met Glass
Although my house and my life are overwhelmed by ‘made in China’ labels, when it comes to the actual Chinese culture, I’m humbled and have... Read More

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2014 Met Gala Fashion: Beyond Charles James, The Heritage!
When you say Charles James dresses, what’s the first thing that pops into your mind? I was little familiar with the grand designer’s work up... Read More

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2013 Met Gala Punk Fashion: 50 Red Carpet Hits And Misses
By now, every fashion-individual and their respective dogs has seen the pictures, drooled over the dresses and rolled all the Red Carpet of their vivid... Read More

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Solange Knowles Charming For Madewell Fall 2012 Ad Campaign
Slowly but steadily, I came to appreciate Solange Knowles more and more. She’s no longer in Beyonce’s shadow, she’s her own persona and personality. And... Read More

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Solange Knowles Models For Oyster Magazine
We just found out the other day that Solange Knowles (the other talented Knowles sister) signed up with a modeling agency and today I already... Read More

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Beyonce Gives Birth; Solange Is A Model
With her sister all busy with her little bundle of joy (who, btw, is named Blue Ivy, not the other way around!) and her music... Read More

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Jennifer Lopez Wears Samantha Thavasa Scritta Bags
Celeb involvement is a marketing strategy. Samantha Thavasa Japan is another proof that the sweet sound of cash gets a maximum ca-ching when advertising with... Read More

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Solange Knowles Loves The Chanel Glove
If Big Sis Beyonce can do the robo glove, then surely lil’sis Solange can try her very own leather glove. Chanel leather glove! Slowly, yet... Read More

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