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Britney Spears Dolce And Gabbana Black Lace Dress For 2010 Grammys
Now there’s a second pantless lace look for the 2010 Grammy Awards Ceremony: Britney Spears! She showed up looking all simple and modest and (maybe... Read More

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Elle’s January Goes To Britney Spears and Lady Gaga!
Oh, if I only knew this yesterday? I hope it’s not too late to declare my love and appreciation for the UK edition of Elle... Read More

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Britney Spears Candie’s 2009
From the iconic pair of Candie wood bottom slides from the eighties to Britney Spears isn’t a clear path. I could, of course, force a... Read More

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Madonna Vs. Lady GaGa & Co. Who’s The Original?
Changing the world one sequin at the time goes our precious worldwide newfound Lady GaGa about herself. And supposedly, her music. I wanted to write... Read More

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Kevin Federline Otzi Collection For Kids
I guess much has happened since I haven’t covered the celeb-turned-designer front! Because here I was, hoping this was a perfectly quiet Monday, a great... Read More

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Britney And The Photoshop Circus
Smoothing the skin, hiding blemishes, we’ve all seen that. We’re getting used to seeing people on magazine covers slimmed with Photoshop. Rare are the occasions... Read More

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Britney’s Hidden Fantasy
Every now and then, there’s a little Britney Spears news popping out and catching my attention. This time it was her new perfume. Called Hidden... Read More

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