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Kim Kardashian’s Old Navy Lawsuit $ettled Off – Court
…talking about Old Navy and Reality TV (wink). You may or may not remember this, but Kim Kardashian filed a formal complaint against Old Navy... Read More

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Who’s Kim Kardashian’s Stylist? Kanye West Y’All!
(ok, not literally, but still) So, after days of going around the matter and thinking “Kimye” is not really what I want to see right... Read More

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Love Fashion Match: Kim Kardashian Wears Kanye West’s Clothes
If there’s one universal truth about Kim Kardashian that everyone is in complete agree with, it’s that she’s always hungry for fame. Attention is what... Read More

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Willow Smith’s Rebel BET Awards Moment With Chanel Boots
My dahlings! Do you remember those teen rebellious days? So much has changed! Take Willow Smith, for instance, who, straight from the top of her... Read More

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Kanye West Nike Yeezy 2 Sneakers & Kim Kardashian Nike Yeezy 2 Sneakers
Kanye West Vs. his “designer” ambitions! Kanye is cooling his fashion hot airs with a couple of sneakers. After Kanye West Nike Yeezy, here comes... Read More

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Kim Kardashian’s True Reflection. Perfume
Kim Kardashian. This is the name they’ll write under “TV reality show” in history books. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone so famous for... Read More

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Kim Kardashian’s Kanye West Earrings. Too Much
Unless you have been purposely avoiding gossip columns lately, then you know that Kim Kardashian is dating Kanye West. My personal opinion is that they... Read More

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Lady Gaga Vs Kim Kardashian Salvatore Ferragamo Black And White Dress
Awwww! Look how sweet! Kim Kardashian is wearing the same clothes as Lady Gaga! Better yet: Lady Gaga is finally dressed like a human being!... Read More

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