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Dolly Forever Barbie By Christian Louboutin
Missed some good ol’ Barbie? I know I did, after that News Anchor new Barbie! Our dear friend Ellington sent me the latest going on... Read More

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Native Rubber Shoes. Will A Good Cause Save A Bad Shoe?
For those of you who were living a happy, safe life away from the Crocs menace, here comes trouble: Native! The Native Shoes look like... Read More

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Jean Paul Gaultier’s Melissa Shoes
Have I told you my birthday’s coming up? It’s not anyday soon, actually we’d have to wait summer’s hot days to celebrate it (I’ll let... Read More

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Most Fashionable Gloves. Dish In Style
Why would anyone spare even a second of style while doing the chores? Take for instance doing the dishes! You think that’s not a time... Read More

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Nina Ricci Heelless Shoes Vs Phylea Shoes
As I feared before and shared the cold sweat of terror slowly pouring down my spine, I’m at it again: my latest fashero quest! And... Read More

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World’s Ugliest Boots
Remember the outrage of seeing Madonna’s Chanel gun heel sandals a while back? That was actually an aesthetic and creative bliss given the following! Let... Read More

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Want Unique Shoes Designed By You? Shoes Of Prey!
Whether you’ll take it as an amusement or as the answer to your warm prayers, designing your own shoes is now a tangible reality and... Read More

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Adidas Brings Star Wars To A Street Corner Near You
You remember those Darth Vader worthy sneakers Adidas came up this season? Now just by looking at their cleverly masterminded commercial clip I’m sure they’ll... Read More

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