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Lady Gaga’s White Vera Wang Wedding Dress. Wait, What?
Now just because Lady Gaga would do just about anything to pump up her Fame (pun intended), it doesn’t mean that this piece of contradictory... Read More

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Tyra Banks: From Beauty Queen To Twitter Queen!
While the world’s highest earning (super) model, Gisele Bundchen only counts 1,797,789 followers, Modelinia reports that Tyra Banks is the supreme Queen of Twitter with... Read More

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Casual Rachel McAdams Wearing Revealing Top
I like Rachel McAdams. Her pretty looks and adorable smile make it rather hard not to. But this casual look she chose for a typical... Read More

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How To DIY Jeans Shorts. Not!
You know I’m a DIY fan and whenever I can jump in the do – it – yourself bandwagon, I don’t think twice. Except, maybe,... Read More

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Jamie Hince Was Vegan For 20 Years. Until Kate Moss Cooked For Him
Talking about love and veganism! Jamie Hince confessed for London’s Evening Standard that he was vegan for 20 years. Until he met his now –... Read More

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Victoria Beckham Designed Her Own Eyeglasses, Now Available For Purchase
Some of us may remember Posh Spice back in the days when she was wearing eyeglasses. She wasn’t seen wearing specs ever since. Why? Well,... Read More

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Who’s Demi Moore’s New Boyfriend? Martin Henderson
Earlier, when we talked about Natalie Portman’s wedding to Benjamin Millepied, the reports I read also placed Macaulay Culkin at the ceremony. Macaulay was Mila... Read More

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Jeremy Scott Adidas JS Bear Sneakers Ready For Hugging
I love me some fashion fun anytime! So in the middle of serious news lines (like Gabby’s hair and secret wedding ceremonies), let’s break the... Read More

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