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Santigold Go (With Karen O)
My dahlings, I trust you’re doing great? (if so, why so silent, then?) Let’s freshen up with a summer tune, a dancing tune! Santigold Go... Read More

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Michael Kiwanuka Tell Me A Tale
How was your weekend, my dahlings? Peaceful and loving, I hope? I said I’d keep the telling stories to a minimum these days and I’m... Read More

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Extreme More Than Words
My dahlings? How long has it been since our last Friday Break? I told you I’d rather be inspired than just add something random –... Read More

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Garbage The World Is Not Enough
Are you having a wonderful Memorial Day break? I sure hope so! I wanted to find something really strong but also highly feminine for this... Read More

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Leonard Cohen I’m Your Man
One of the greatest writers, musicians ever. Ever! Leonard Cohen. I should’ve talked about him a long time ago, since my admiration runs old for... Read More

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ACDC Thunderstruck From Battleship Soundtrack
Hello my dahlings! How was your Cinco de Mayo? I’ll get more into that later, but for now I’d like to talk to you about... Read More

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King Hey
Hello my dahlings! How is April’s last weekend treating you? I’m voting for peace and harmony! So let’s keep it in and close to our... Read More

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ABBA Eagle
ABBA. One of the greatest bands to have ever existed. Although the band broke up before I got to enjoy one of their concerts, they’re... Read More

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