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Chloë Sevigny’s Miu Miu Fall Winter 2009 2010
You have to tell the good from the bad, even at a simple, first sight! And at the very stylish Prada book launch party there... Read More

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Vintage Outfit Of The Day
Vintage can be addictive. But why put a stop on that thrift hunger? Because you can end up looking like this! And the worse is... Read More

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Dennis Rodman Goes GaGa Pink On Russel Simmons Catwalk
We interrupt our normally entertaining program to bring you a special Friday Outfit submission! If you don’t believe your eyes, blink and hit it, baby,... Read More

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Super Mario 3 Super Manicure!
I was hoping that the gems manicure was the peak of all daring manicures! Nope! Not a chance! Here we go again with yet another... Read More

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Victoria Rowell’s Obama Dress At 2009 Emmy Awards
Victoria Rowell. Last time I saw her she was still Young and Restless. Is she, still? However, this is not about the Young and the... Read More

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Gaga Undercover
The fashion bug caught up to Perez Hilton. Not only he was invited to numerous fashion shows these days, but he’s taking his fash-self au... Read More

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Leighton Meester’s Sequined Dress For MTV VMAs 2009
I’m sooo getting my gossip fix with this! Leighton Meester’s sequined mini dress for the 2009 edition of MTV’s Video Music Awards had me all... Read More

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Tartan Ft Cosplay Freaky Friday Outfit
Completely unrelated with the Freaky Friday movie (yup, the one with Lindsay Lohan!), I’d thought I’d give you another one of those outfits mashups making... Read More

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