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Edun Replaced Butterflies With Owls For Fall 2012 Ad Campaign
… and as much as I like Owls (this white one looks particularly impressive), I was way more impressed by last season’s butterflies. However, I’m... Read More

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Have You Seen Sienna Miller’s Vogue UK Pictures?
You know I was b!tching and moaning about Vogue UK’s April 2012 cover story and associated pictorial with Sienna Miller? You’re kind on me if... Read More

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Marilyn Monroe’s Haircut, Still Fashionable
If you thought the latest trends reports – just like yours truly – know that we may have been mislead: it seems the pixie short... Read More

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Titanic – Easy!
I haven’t forgotten about the easy moment (that’s slowly becoming a Monday more than a Sunday…)! This week is my adored husband who decided to... Read More

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Easy Like Sunset Dinner
I sometimes wonder where some people find (and buy) time. If there’s a general store for that or if it comes with a winning lottery... Read More

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Easy Like… Birdwash!
Now I understand why some animals are so squeaky clean! Nature has its own ways, it’s a sure thing! I remember seeing a picture of... Read More

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Easy Like a Couple Of Zebra Finches!
When I found these two cuties, I also found that they were called Zebra Finches and that they come from Australia. Nothing extraordinary, except for... Read More

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Easy Highway Moment
I remember a song that said (approximately) “when you loose your way, you have to take a moment to look around maybe it was yourself... Read More

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