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Prada’s Universal Adapter
Besides going to bed like there’s a date waiting at the door, like the Kaiser said, you always have to take your style with you... Read More

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Kim Kardashian’s Prada Sunburn
Kim Kardashian’s photoshopping needs got just a bit more complicated than her last Complex issue: she just got a very serious sunburn wearing the Prada... Read More

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Piers Atkinson’s Barbie Hats Collection FW 09
It’s the year of the Barbie! If the Kaiser has a mini-me Ken doll besides dressing up the Barbie, we absolutely have to check our... Read More

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Crisis Discrete Packaging
There was a time when toting your branded paper bag around was truly fancy work. The Kaiser knew that when he showed us his Spring... Read More

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Animal Print Still In For 2009 Dixit Kate Moss!
Kate Moss is faithful to her trademark black, her bra-less look and her (almost) opaque tights. Oh, and her black shades! And black Gucci belt!... Read More

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Play Some Hermès Cards!
Is this the new It luxury and fashion standard for 2009? Playing the luxury cards game? Because it seems every respected brand out there stars... Read More

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Questionable Style: Katie Holmes Blue Tartan Scarf
The on-off pregnant sensation Katie Holmes was recently spotted wearing an interesting blue scarf. She was wearing her favorite jeans: tight and skinny, a gray... Read More

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Zooey Deschanel Oliver Peoples Shades
If you were tired of your wayfarers but didn’t really want to change the shape, go for a pair of Oliver Peoples Zooey. The result... Read More

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