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Vogue Festival Wraps Up With Kate Moss Vogue UK May 2014 Cover

This weekend, London was the place to be for the fashion population as the Vogue Festival returned for a third edition with models, designers, photographers and entrepreneurs.

Fashion ateliers took place for two days in London’s Southbank Centre and hot out the festival’s closing doors is the British Vogue’s May 2014 issue. Who’s on the cover? Kate Moss, biensur! What’s the main tagline? ‘The Great British Model Takeover’ isn’t it the perfect way to pin fashion’s capital ambassadors by betting it all safely and cozily on Kate Moss?

Freja Beha Erichsen styled by Kate Moss Vogue UK May 2014

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Vogue UK, Vogue US Focus On Hollywood For Their Fall 2013 Issues

Whether you’re a Homeland fan or rooting for Alfonso Cuaron’s latest project, Gravity, Vogue has it covered for you: the UK and US Vogue issues for November 2013 and October 2013 respectively are both built around a Hollywood movie star. What more reason do you need to turn your life from immediate reality to screen-fiction?

I am huge admirer of both actresses and while Homeland is one of my tv fixtures, I will definitely go watch Gravity now, knowing much more about it (without being a spoiler, I watched the movie trailer’s beginning and at 3 the seconds mark I was convinced it was just another ‘Solaris’ . Granted, George Clooney starring in Gravity was a big part of my ‘Solaris’ reasoning. ). But what I enjoy more, beyond the fashion of it – which is a bit irrelevant since both ladies are more famous for their acting career than their fashion value – is the return of the action hero au feminin. Lady she-roes – we needed that!

Sandra Bullock Vogue US Claire Danes Vogue UK similar covers

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Fashionably Retro: Kate Moss In Vogue UK June 2013

Vogue UK had enough of revolutionary breakthrough covers so they went back to the sure values for a great June 2013 cover and main pictorial. Kate Moss is doing everyone’s favorite retro Bardot-ish pose in front of Patrick Demarchelier’s cameras, languishing in a St Barts décor.

It’s all perfectly summery, posh and very fashionable. Flawless to the point of no more comments needed. Yes, it’s the same Kate Moss, yes, we know her inside and out. Yes, it’s the same epic kind of pictorial we’re all trying to escape from as being too cliché, too safe and too dull for our very avant-garde fashion tastes. But, seriously? Can you get more stylish than this?

Kate Moss Vogue UK June 2013 cover

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Mrs Carter Runs The World: Beyonce Does Vogue UK May 2013

With her new world tour kicking off in April, Beyonce is unstoppable and her reign over the world knows no boundaries. Here she goes, in a snapshot of what will be Vogue UK May 2013 issue cover.

She’s not looking like the reigning Queen like she was for her Vogue US feature, she’s a fresh act, with a cropped top in lovely shades of blue. I wonder – because I highly doubt this cover wasn’t intentionally preceding her international world tour – did Beyonce got to pick her cover colors herself? All blue, Blue Ivy… You got to admit, it’s really a strong coincidence (I’m curious to see the actual pictorial, this cover snapshot isn’t all too revealing).

But I do love Bey and I’m partial to liking this cover as well, regardless of it not featuring a model (their last two model covers weren’t among my favorites). And yeah, I’m OK with Mrs Carter running the world! (what? would you rather have had Gaga doing it?)

Beyonce Vogue UK May 2013 cover preview


Edie Campbell, The New Twiggy Doing Vogue UK April 2013

Vogue UK released its April 2013 cover for the fashion masses and, much to everyone’s surprise, on the cover is a close up portrait of bluntly hairstyled Edie Campbell. At just 22 years old, Edie is for the first time on the cover of Vogue magazine, an event which she described as ‘ridiculous’.

It’s not every day that you get to be on the cover of Vogue, so I can understand and appreciate the honesty of her reaction. But! She’s not the only one who finds this cover – although a step in the right direction – uninspired and unappealing. Edie Campbell was styled to look like 60s icon, Twiggy. Is there no other way to introduce a new face but by making it look like an icon of decades past?

Edie Campbell the new Twiggy Vogue UK April 2013

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Cara Delevingne Covers Her First Vogue UK March 2013

So it finally happened! I guess this rules out this month’s Vogue for Agyness’ sweet comeback, huh? Cara Delevingne, the new hot model in town snatched Vogue UK March 2013 all to herself. Which is a big thing to say, given that her pictorial only counts 7 pages.

Of this issue’s 420 total! However, she has been photographed by Mario Testino, so I shouldn’t take things too lightly! After all, she was named Model of Year by the British fashion authorities and she has that sweet twisted kitten face people in fashion appreciate so much! (reminds me of Posh)

Cara Delevingne Vogue UK March 2013 cover

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Castaway Doutzen Kroes, Vogue UK January 2013

And this, my dahlings, is how Vogue UK’s editors see the castaways! Turning Doutzen Kroes into Carolyn Murphy and poshing her every way they can, all to serve the castaway life on a desert island.

Shot by Josh Olins in Greece, Doutzen’s pictorial from Vogue UK January 2013 is perfect for snowy days! Because it’s summer somewhere…

Doutzen Kroes Vogue UK January 2013 pictorial

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Thoughts About Kate Upton’s Vogue UK January 2013 Cover?

Sure, fashion needed Kate Upton. Sure, she’s a breath of fresh air among skinny models and size 0 boundaries. But is Kate Upton the new aesthetic? Is she the new beauty must? Or just a stand in for Lara Stone who seems to concentrate more on her family life than on her fashion career? To me, this retro – looking Vogue UK January 2013 is not a fashion revolution but a pale shade of vintage. {tFS}

Kate Upton Vogue UK January 2012 cover