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The Scent Of Anna Dello Russo Campaign By Juergen Teller

Now that we’ve seen the video, we might as well see the print job! Anna Dello Russo seems to be true to her uber fashionista image while presenting and promoting her perfume: “The Scent of Anna Dello Russo”.

The fashmaniac editor who declared owning over 4,000 pairs of shoes is photographed by none the other but the King of Flash, Juergen Teller standing near one of her shoes displays (also visible in her video ad), wearing a golden coat, a black cowboy hat and dark shades. What does that have to do with a perfume? Nothing. What does that have to do with Anna dello Russo? Everything! It’s the scent of a shoemaniac! And I bet it’ll be a sellout, don’t you? (photos via)

The Scent of Anna dello Russo ad campaign

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Juergen Teller For Marc Jacobs Skates

Whenever he feels the need for something highly artsy, Marc Jacobs turns to Juergen Teller’s lenses. There’s no match for his flashy photographs! Now he’s got the street recognition, if he needed such a thing for there you have a very special collection of skateboard decks printed with Juergen’s photos.

For those who are interested in buying the skate decks – the very limited edition $69 decks come in four prints: Kate Moss, Stephanie Seymour, Lisa Marie and M.I.A.. Hurry up, though, they said only 100 copies are available (and there’s no saying 100 “each” print so I’m assuming he only made 25 of each print)! (via)

Marc Jacobs Juergen Teller skateboard decks

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Juergen Teller Ad Campaign Wars Marc Jacobs Fall 2010 Vs Celine Fall 2010

There’s little to surprise us when it comes to Marc Jacobs ad campaigns. Whether it’s for fall or spring, his ads always have something in common (and that, I think, will remain unchanged till the end of times): Juergen Teller.

This time, only, for the Fall Winter 2010/2011 Marc Jacobs season, Juergen Teller went off his head and did something almost good. And almost original. If you like this off-road kind of imagery. The trouble comes now: Celine Fall Winter 2010/2011. Doesn’t it look like a Marc Jacobs authentic? It does, doesn’t it? (it looked like that to me, when I first laid eyes on the pictures). Well, I have two words for that: Juergen Teller. He kept his best studio shots for Celine and took Marc Jacobs out. Atta boy! At least we can make the honest difference. How do you like his images? (I promised myself one day I’ll give a camera to my 2-year old baby girl! She’ll be snapping things stronger, bigger, better than Juergen!) (via)

Marc Jacobs fall winter 2010 2011 ad campaign

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Pamela Anderson For Vivienne Westwood Ad Campaign SS09 By Juergen Teller

I came across these pictures today: Pamela Anderson ad campaign for Vivienne Westwood Spring Summer 2009 finally revealed (after that Art Basel Miami teaser)!

Looking at the pictures I can’t decide if I should just run and hide or simply take pride on Juergen Teller’s fashionable work with one of the world’s most recognizable and controversial faces.

Pamela Anderson, Vivienne Westwood (and Dame Viv’s husband Andreas Kronthaler) look like having fun making this campaign. The pictures could very well be holidays photos since there’s no pressure in showing off the clothes or the model’s marketing capacities. (click thumbnails to see larger pictures) (photos viviennewestwood via nymag)

Pamela Anderson Vivienne Westwood Spring Summer 2009 ad campaign Juergen Teller

Pamela Anderson Vivienne Westwood Spring Summer 2009 ad campaign Juergen Teller 1

Pamela Anderson Vivienne Westwood Spring Summer 2009 ad campaign Juergen Teller 2

Pamela Anderson Vivienne Westwood Spring Summer 2009 ad campaign Juergen Teller 3

Pamela Anderson Vivienne Westwood Spring Summer 2009 ad campaign Juergen Teller 4

Pamela Anderson Vivienne Westwood Spring Summer 2009 ad campaign Juergen Teller 5

Pamela Anderson Vivienne Westwood Spring Summer 2009 ad campaign Juergen Teller 6


Vivienne Westwood Ad Campaign By Juergen Teller

It was about time I stumble upon some Juergen Teller… About now I think it’s clear enough I don’t really appreciate his vision but sometimes, oddly enough, they work just wonderfully with the subject.

Such is the case for these Vivienne Westwood ads. Relaxed, laid back pictures trying to get everything in a playful manner. Or so it seems to me. I like it when things are not taken too seriously and this time I have to give into Juergen’s ways for he really did a good job. (there’s more after the jump)

Vivienne Westwood by Juergen Teller
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Juergen Teller’s Victoria Beckham For Marc Jacobs

I can’t get tired of this Marc Jacobs campaign! It’s better than Halloween and every possible costume ball ever!

Miss La Moth here is like every housewife’s dream after a busy day at home. She forgot one of the children’s toys in her head but then again she’s all dressed up (uh, pardon my white bra, haven’t got anything else to match this lila scarf I put around my neck!) and wearing her fav grandma lunettes. Because grandma’ was a bourgeoise, you seeee….

Victoria Beckham Marc Jacobs Eyewear
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Rihanna, Miley, Emma, Christy & More Covering March 2014 Fashion Magazines

Once a month or so, I do my newsstand roundup and that’s one report I know you would enjoy as well! Because I’m going through some of the classic but also some titles you’re least accustomed with.

I’m looking forward to spring and all the fashion awakening it brings. From paper magazines to street style, I’ll be hunting novelty and inspiration. More or less mainstream, let’s March on:

Rihanna US Vogue March 2014

Far from being a joke or even the slightest style-challenging, Rihanna is Vogue US’ covergirl. For the third time. It’s hardly newsflash, but March is Oscar month, so my expectations were flyin in Hollywood’s directions – perhaps Lupita N’Yongo?

Rihanna Vogue US March 2014

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Fashion Campaigns And Magazines, Daria Werbowy Is Everywhere!

Every year there’s a new most-sought-after model by fashion industry standards. Last year, it was Kate Upton’s year. 2014 belongs to Daria Werbowy!

Daria appeared in Kate Moss’s first fashion editorial for Vogue UK, in the March 2014 issue and she’s also the star of 6 different ad campaigns that we know of so far. Posing for the most prestigious fashion photographers or appearing in marketing initiatives for some of the highest ranked fashion houses is definitely a wonderful thing for a model who took some time off and now it’s back in the game. Maybe more should try and bring back the same positive energy Daria brought from her hiatus?

Daria Werbowy Celine Spring 2014 Ad Campaign

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