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Karl Lagerfeld to Become a Steiff Teddy Bear

Now this is an example of disturbing news! Steiff, the worldwide renowned teddy bear German producer is set to transform Karl Lagerfeld into one cuddly bear!

Because I barely dare to imagine a stuffed plush teddy bear with dark sunglasses and a Chanel attitude, I just hope my kids won’t let eyes on that particular teddy bear and especially don’t fall for it! It would be so cruel for my sense of respect for fashion!

What do you think about Steiff’s Karl Lagerfeld Teddy Bear idea? Love it or hate it? Don’t forget to vote after the pictures, maybe we still have time to stop this from happening!

Karl Lagerfeld Picture in Nature Steiff Teddy Bear

What do you think about Steiff’s Karl Lagerfeld Teddy Bear idea ?

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Could You Use A Living Moss Carpet? Or A Fragrant Swing?

I know, all that talk about eco consciousness and eco attitude wasn’t for nothing but still I can’t decide myself about this living moss carpet!

Made by Nguyen La Chanh, the living moss carpet is perfect for the humid environment of the bathroom. Your own natural little green paradise is made from a decay-free foam (plastazote) with three different types of moss inside: ball, island and forest. (more after the jump)

Living Moss carpet Nguyen La Chanh

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2017 Calendar Art Vs. Fame

Prepping the Christmas list? If you’re one of those who are high ahead, you must already have a pretty solid idea about what to give and who deserves what. I’m still trying to figure out what my best options are and I was discussing that with a friend who suggested a calendar. As a gift.

As simple as it may sounds, this option brought about a fair share of choosing trouble and deciding indecisions. Not all calendars are alike! Duh! Take these two for instance: Pirelli’s 2017 Calendar as photographed by Peter Lindbergh and some Kardashian photographed by Terry Richardson for a calendar.

calendar art vs fame

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Why I Loved Sikhounmuong’s J.Crew Spring Summer 2017 Collection!

How to choose your favorite inspiration source for the next Fashion Season when there are so many Fashion Shows, to many gifted designers and so many trends?

I choose with my heart. Sure, my eyes are a huge part of the process and I spend hours going through each Fashion Week’s photos and videos, yet my heart is the decisive factor in steadying for this or that Collection. Below I will detail my absolute crush for the J.Crew Spring Summer 2017 presentation – why I would blindly and compulsively buy every item designed by Somsack Sikhounmuong and his team for the next Season!

jcrew spring summer 2016 presentation

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The Secret Behind Successful Personal Style

Some of you know me from the beginnings of Stylefrizz. Some have joined the adventure along the way and some are just random, accidental readers. I welcome and love you all and today I’ll be giving back a lesson I learned through all these years of ‘blogging’.

The most important thing I learned – fashion wise – is that style is not a simple word. Style is an attitude. Style is the most complex and yet the most simple way of expressing one’s personality. Scroll down and I’ll tell you everything I learned and how you too can learn to discover, build and cultivate your own Personal Style/Fashion!

the secret behind personal style

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2016 Critics Choice Awards Washed Out Red Carpet

When did this happened and why did we let it? When I initially saw the Golden Globes Red Carpet defile backsplash in that pale aqua color, I thought it wasn’t important. But then it happened again, a week later, for the 2016 edition of the Critics Choice Awards: aqua ‘red carpet’? Seriously?

After all, who isn’t expecting for the Oscars to be just as pale (pun intended)? Like you were so rightfully observing: the awards season just isn’t what it used to be! I thought I’d better let this event slide, that’’s how disappointed I was with the pale-ness of it all! My idea is perfectly illustrated by Leslie Mann in her Monique Lhuillier ombre dress (scroll down to see it)!

2016 critics choice awards red carpet

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4 Reasons Why Wearing Oversized Clothes Changed My Life!

I can now finally say goodbye to all those lost minutes trying to check out the sizing labels and for the agonizing hours spent in fitting cabins: my perfect size to wear is oversize!

Of course restrictions do apply and not every clothing item can be subjected to that over-rule. However, as my general wardrobe principle, oversize works in most cases and occasions! I’m sharing this personal style discovery because I think you may benefit from this piece of fashion wisdom and get all relaxed, save time and money when it comes to putting together a fitting wardrobe!

how to change your life with your clothes size

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New Hair Trend Alert: Orange Red Short Bob

While we may still dream about ombré hair or the latest sombré hair trend (which is basically a more subtle ombré) on our long, dreamy tresses, the stars seem to go for a more radical hair color and a fairly short haircut. Who, where, what, how?

Kristen Stewart, Alyson Hannigan (and, although technically, she only falls in the short hair trend category, Jennifer Lawrence is getting an honorable mention in this story as well)! Kristen and Jennifer showed off their new hairdo while attending the Haute Couture shows in Paris while Alyson was casually shopping for toys.

Kristen Stewart Alyson Hannigan new orange hair

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