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Donatella’s Bling: Atelier Versace Jewelry

Donatella Versace woke up one morning and decided something was missing in her day to day life. More bling! She said! So there we have it! 16 hand – sculpted exquisite Atelier Versace rings, each of the rings (some paved with emeralds, amethysts, sapphires, diamonds, yellow diamonds) being a Versace work of art! From where I stand, they just look like ginormous bling, but maybe on a closer inspection… {Grazia}

exquisite rings Versace Atelier Jewelry


Bling My Dr Martens! Swarovski Dr Martens Collection

Now here’s a funny idea that could definitely spice up your beloved Dr Martens! Swarovski Crystals, baby! Bling’em up!

There’s a special collaboration between Dr Martens and Swarovski which has spawned six boots with encrusted crystals ranging from $400 to $1,000. I know they’re not exactly Jimmy Choo, but that doesn’t mean your Dr Martens don’t have what they need to sparkle! It’s the Season, you know?

Dr Martens Swarovski

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Bosch IXO Bling Screwdriver With Swarovski Crystals

The weekend will be soon upon us (again) so you’ll have time to get creative. In order to do that, you may need one or two handy tools. Are you familiar with the Bosch IXO Cordless Screwdriver? it was especially designed for the crafty fashionistas out there! Why, you ask? well take a look and judge for yourself!

The tiny Bosch IXO has been equipped, among others, with a handful of Swarovski Crystals. It’s a very limited edition item (only 2,000 were created worldwide) and it was launched to celebrate the IXO from Bosch, world’s best selling power tool. The 470 Swarovski crystals won’t help in any other way but to increase the aesthetic value. Outside of that, the IXO comes with lithium – ion cordless power technology, forward / reverse operation with LED light for dark areas as well as a special shape for tight corners. Wouldn’t you want an IXO just for you? (Bosch via)

Bosch IXO Swarovski Cordless Screwdriver

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Mariah Carey’s Lollipop Bling New Fragrances

Mariah Carey is going through a lollipop period. No more butterflies, the lady is on some sort of candy spree now.

So Mariah Carey is launching not one, not two, but three different perfumes under the name Lollipop Bling. There’s a red, a blue and a yellow one (each with, go figure, a butterfly cap). The three fragrances are called Ribbon, Honey and Mine Again (all three are songs titles, biensur). Available starting July 1st, each perfume comes with a Ring Pop. So she’s got nothing coming out? (musically speaking, of course, I’m really not into candy perfumes. Maybe you are?) (via)

Mariah Carey Lollipop Bling perfumes


Kanye’s Bling

I want to kick off this day in style. Amazing, bling to blind style. For make no mistake, he who wears such treasures is a man of style. Of extraordinary style and possibilities.

A man who’s truly beyond himself with self appreciation and more. And I wouldn’t have missed this opportunity for the world! The chance to show you Kanye’s bling firsthand is something to remember. Isn’t it? (c’mon, click the image, you deserve a closer look at Kanye West’s jewelry!) (photo via)

Kanye jewelry


Pharrell Blings The Bape Casio G Shock DW 6900

Since that last dubious tasted chair that Pharrell Williams (said to have) designed, I heard nothing outrageously notable in Pharrell’s designer interests.

Until this Casio came along! The Bape Casio G-Shock DW-6900 wristwatch could look as cheap as possible to everyone but know that it’s encrusted in gold! And the G-Shock iconic logo is unbelievably rainbow colored. And tacky. And cheap. So cheap. Too cheap. How is that humanly possible?(why doesn’t he just stick to his music making pure genius?) (via)

Pharrell gold Bape Casio G Shock DW 6900


Bling Your Tennis Set With Tiffany Silver Tennis Ball Can!

It may sound strange, but Tiffany & Co. really is into tennis. And more than just to provide earrings for Maria Sharapova.

Now they made a silver tennis ball can. Designed like any other tennis ball can, this special Tiffany 1837 8” can is said to keep the four balls it can contain at the optimum temperature. I honestly don’t think a silver can would improve my tennis, more than a Chanel Ski would make a ski pro out of me. Would you be willing to have one of these, knowing they sell for $1,500? (via)

Tiffany Co Tiffany 1837 silver tennis can


Samsonite Blings Its Black Label With Swarovski Crystals

I find it hard to believe there’s anybody out there who hasn’t heard about Samsonite at least once.

If you’ve been reading Stylefrizz, you’ve also heard about Chloë Sevigny’s advertising projects with Samsonite as well as Milla Jovovich’s print ads for Samsonite. Now it’s another round of Samsonite news making waves. Their Black Label Trunk collection (part of the Vintage series) was touched by the bling-my-everything-mania! If normally, a Samsonite Black Label Trunk costs about $950, I don’t even imagine what would be its Swarovski enhanced price! (there’s more after the jump, plus a poll attached to the article, don’t miss it!)

Samsonite Black Label Trunk with Swarovski crystals

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