The 3 New Perfumes You Need: Victoria’s Secret Heavenly, Prada Candy And Blumarine Anna

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Looking for a new perfume may be a tricky quest as more and more fragrances try to seduce us with their alluring smell. As we just celebrated Earth Day, two new floral perfumes and (literally) a Heavenly one welcome you on Stylefrizz this week!

Victoria’s Secret Heavenly perfume with Karlie Kloss Relaunching their most successful fragrance, Heavenly, Victoria’s Secret is pushing for a new image as well. And whilst in the 2000, it was Gisele Bundchen, 2014 is Karlie Kloss’ year.

3 new perfumes for inspiration

The same feathered aura, the same seductive feeling, all the same but very different. The bottle has changed, for one, the silhouette is now more flowy, more coherent, making the cap part of the allure. The video changed as well as the model.

Victoria s Secret Heavenly perfume 2014 vs 2000

Victoria’s Secret Heavenly perfume 2014 reissue features a new cap silhouette as opposed to the original bottle (2000, right)

Although both Gisele and Karlie were in their early twenties when they become the face of Victoria’s Secret bestselling perfume (actually, America’s bestselling perfume!), the aesthetic is so different, you’d think that it’s another fragrance altogether.

Gisele Bundchen vs Karlie Kloss Victoria s  Secret Heavenly perfume

left: Gisele Bundchen for Victoria’s Secret Heavenly perfume (2000) vs Karlie Kloss – right- for the same perfume, the reissue edition (2014)

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Winner of the perfume’s Oscar (FiFi) in 2000, the original floral Dream Angels Heavenly is soapy-clean with touches if ivy, mandarin and cardamom. A real salad joins the middle bouquet with lotus, iris, freesia, white peonies and violets, on a base of sandalwood, vanilla, white musk and orchids. Being its first and biggest hit perfume to date, it’s unlikely that they change the heart of the fragrance with its relaunch in 2014.

Karlie Kloss Victoria s Secret Heavenly perfume

Karlie Kloss for Victoria’s Secret Heavenly perfume, 2014

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Karlie Kloss Victoria s Secret Heavenly perfume campaign

However, judging just by the visuals of the campaign, I still prefer the original, with Gisele. (is it just me, or Karlie’s version looks like a ‘behind-the-scenes’ not quite unfinished campaign? And since they went through the trouble of removing the very unstylish transparent plastic straps of the wings in the print campaign, couldn’t they have applied the same correction in the video?)

Blumarine Anna Perfume with Anna Speckhart A very calm, peaceful, poetic fragrance moment with Anna Speckhart for the Spring Summer 2014 perfume signed by the Blumarine fashion house. The fragrance, named Anna (just like head designer of the maison, Anna Molinari, and just like the American model, Anna Speckhart, the spokesperson for the ad campaign) is fruity, floral, with a heart of magnolia, roses and peonies on a base of vanilla and musk.

Blumarine Anna perfume ad campaign

The campaign is signed by Michelangelo Di Battista and shows Anna Speckhart against a wall or pale pink roses wearing a see trough slip dress with embroidered white roses, very romantic and summer-spirited.

Prada Candy Florale perfume with Lea Seydoux Saving the best for last with the new fragrance from Prada: Candy Florale which is not only the third perfume from this brief selection but also the third perfume in the Prada Candy series, also modeled by French Acress Léa Seydoux (after Candy, 2011 and Candy L’Eau in 2013). A lovely campaign sustains the witty idea of a flower that smells like candy, in retro pink on a bubbly soundtrack by Psyche Rock composed by Pierre Henry, released on ‘Messe pour le temps présent’.

Prada Candy new perfume

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Lea Seydoux pink Prada Candy ad campaign

The perfume is floral and sweet, opening with tones of limoncello sorbet on a heart of peonies and a base of musk, honey, caramel and benzoin (the caramel addition sounds too good to be true). Steven Meisel signs the visuals of this campaign, clearly the winner of this lot!

Prada Candy perfume Steven Meisel Lea Seydoux

Lea Seydoux Prada Candy 2014 ad campaign

Lea Seydoux Prada Candy perfume

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#1 Adriana V on 04.25.14 at 1:34 am

This is meant to seduce us women? Hahahahaha……oh wait, men to buy it for us of course……..

A 50 ml Chanel perfume bottle costs the firm a lousy €5!! And the ingredients are not natural since ages so mind you what this mix. So no, no and no, I prefer au-natural. Since years. :)

Still have a bottle Chanel but then Mr Pitt needed to show up on tv bored en disinterest telling me that stuff is inevitable. That was my first bottle perfume in years….. still not open, even the package is still sealed. Anyone fancy my Chanel? It’s free!

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