Emma Watson Pictures From Vogue Italy October 2008

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Emma Watson’s model moment for Vogue Italia is beautiful yet so sad. The photos were taken by Mark Selinger and Emma herself confessed that he pushed her to give the best in the photo shoot so she didn’t get any special treatment.

At least that’s the official story! Anyway, the girl has her ways with fashion and the 2007 InStyle pictorial was proof enough! The photos look rather dark and even if she smiles here and there, it doesn’t make up for the picture where she’s holding the doll, where she’s up on the window, where she’s near the lake. Otherwise she looks every inch the smart girl she is, bonus her beauty. You take a look at the pictures and tell me what she looks like and what’s the feeling you get from the images! (photos via vogue)

Emma Watson in Vogue Italia October 2008

Emma Watson in Vogue Italia October 2008 photos

Emma Watson Vogue Italia October 08

Emma Watson in Vogue Italia October 2008 pictures


#1 Ellington on 09.16.08 at 4:02 pm

Emma “Hermione Granger” Watson is all grown up.
The photos are almost precious. She looks nice. I believe she is attending Cambridge University next month (good for her!). I do wonder if she will get any other acting roles other than her Harry Potter stuff?

#2 Sal on 09.17.08 at 11:26 am

Well, they were kind of all over the map with these … but Emma is SO fantastically beautiful, I think most of the photos work. It’s fun to see her in looks/characters that are so far from the bookish gal she’s famous for playing!

#3 kpriss on 09.17.08 at 2:20 pm

I sure hope her upcoming characters in her next movies will be at least as convincing as Hermione! She looks cute as a button!

#4 ashutosh on 09.29.08 at 9:13 am

emma watson please send me
your birth day party new photo
thank you

#5 Sunny on 11.20.08 at 5:56 am

Emma looks beautiful anyway and its good to see her in a style different from Hermione

#6 Me on 02.24.10 at 11:48 pm

Gorgeous! This photo shoot is brilliant! I love how versatile she is. She can pull off every kind of look. Love this whole photo shoot. I can’t even pick a favorite picture, because they’re all amazing.

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