Giorgio Armani Pens

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When I asked if you would drive a Versace Murcielago, I think it was the pic of the brandsnobitude.

I’m stepping down a level (okay, maybe more) and I ask you if you’d write Armani-style. Because Giorgio Armani Pens are worldwide available in Giorgio Armani boutiques and Tibaldi authorized dealers. Why Tibaldi? Because it’s an exclusive Giorgio Armani collaboration with the Italian pen maker founded in 1916, Tibaldi.

Giorgio Armani PensWhy should you buy a Giorgio Armani Tibaldi instead of a Tibaldi pure and simple? Because they have GA engraved on the cap and the rhodium and ruthernium plated solid 18 karat gold nib. You should also know that each of the Armani writing instruments is hand made, that they are sold individually in special edition packages with ink, envelopes and Giorgio Armani letterhead set in a handmade black lacquered box for $3,114.

I would be more interested to write notes on my personal stationery, forget Armani! My own design (if possible, of course, but surely not GA engraved if my name has nothing to do with those initials). What about you? Personal or haute couture writing?
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