Very Elle Spring Summer 2008 – Spread Your Legs And Say N’Importe Quoi

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Very Elle is out. It’s all about female icons, and it goes public twice a year. Fortunately! It’s not a question of price or availability. It’s more a question of fashion editors.

The glossy magazine features a series of photo editorials with some more or less controversial women. The main issue is, however, the way they’re pictured. Let’s take, for instance, Chloë Sevigny. She’s photographed in her New York loft and on the very first picture, we’re told what we already know – that “Chloë disturbs, she’s intriguing, she fascinates”

Chloe Sevigny Very Elle Magazine

“Underground freedom and hype delay make a Walhol muse out of Chloë Sevigny.” But she also has a “business sense” since “she’s launching her first fashion collection for Opening Ceremony. These celeb stories always make you emotional when they tell you their smashing success story with so little effort. Unless mismatching your outfits 80% of your outings it’s a titanic job!

Very Elle Magazine Chloe Sevigny

Charlotte Gainsbourg is photographed by her sister, Kate Barry in a rococo French Hotel looking all lost and carrying that stupid air some may call French romantism or charm.

Charlotte Gainsbourg Very Elle Magazine

Nonsense! It’s an uninspired look, bored, ignoring and snobbing I insist into bringing to your attention so you won’t be misled into believing it’s a high fashion photo pose.

Very Elle Magazine Charlotte Gainsbourg

Now, that brings us to Amber Valetta who’s photographed, of course, legs up or down but always slightly spread. Her eyes and the way she looks contrast highly with the photoshoot surroundings and atmosphere – it’s like taking a picture of a lion sitting peacefully sipping champagne and dining at candlelight.

Amber Valetta Very Elle Magazine
Very Elle Magazine Amber Valetta

The Very Elle also features pictures of Elettra Rossellini, Lizzy and Theodora Richards, Lydia Hearst, Leelee Sobieski and Ambrose Olsen. I’ll let you discover the leg-ups photographs.

Elettra Rossellini and Lizzie Richards in Very Elle Magazine

I insist on a point, though – the fashion editor for half of the photo eds is Nora Bordjah (I was unable to find her work other than Elle, so if you’d like to give me a hand here, I’d be more than happy to change, if the case, my opinion on her) – Chloë Sevigny, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Lydia Hearst and Elettra Rosellini. Either her eye made Very Elle pictures for this issue, either that’s the mainstream of this magazine – the spread your legs up or down idea beats my feminine dignity and insults my artistic sense by far. If you see things differently, share your point of view, maybe we’ll get some logic out of this.
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#1 Steve-o on 09.02.10 at 2:05 pm

I’m sorry, but you missed the one quality these women all share: they have sex appeal to an extreme. They could be laying in a mud puddle with their legs tied together, and they would still take my breath away. But then I’m a guy, and these pictures are not about feminine dignity, they are all about looking like they find themselves attractive, and are oh so comfortable with that. That is where sex appeal starts, and with these gals, it never ends.

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