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The Truth About Exercising And Body Fat
You know I was saying something about the skinny gene earlier – I also think I have yet another gene besides that one – the... Read More

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Natalie Portman’s Post Baby Body
We were just talking about Natalie Portman and the fact that we hadn’t seen her much (read at all) since she had her baby in... Read More

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Crystal Renn’s Weight – We Can’t Get Enough Of
All that time has passed, can you believe people are still talking about Crystal Renn’s weight? It’s unbelievable, even for the fashion industry. They just... Read More

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Candice Swanepoel’s Waist Is Out Of Control
Usually we have the handy, hardworking Photoshop people taking care of that. But Candice Swanepoel decided to make it easier for them: she took the... Read More

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Crystal Renn’s New Confessed Weight
It’s been so long since Crystal Renn unleashed this weight fuss that I really thought it was getting beyond boring to talk about it. Still,... Read More

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Calories Control Freak? Use The Diet Plates!
Aren’t you tired of looking for the calories info in the menu? Aren’t you feeling dizzy from doing the calories math? I would, especially before... Read More

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Disney Princesses. With A Weight Twist
We all used to cradle our infancy imagination with Disney classics. The princesses, the princes, all that magic wrapped our heart and heated our spirits.... Read More

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Crystal Renn Still A Plus Size Model
Plus size model Crystal Renn (who got there because of her anorexia troubles) welcomed back exercise into her life, after seven years. That’s a healthy... Read More

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