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Lagerfeld’s Metamorphoses Of An American
After landing a Diet Book, the Kaiser launches into an evolutionist essay with his new “Metamorphoses of an American”. Wanting to show off his photographer... Read More

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It’s Friday, remember? This one, despite a terrible flue coming over me, I’m fighting the virus with the fiercest weapon of them all: love for... Read More

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Because we all need a crazy harmless moment (maybe some already had it), for today’s break I thought about Cuban Pete, excellently interpreted by Jim... Read More

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Kate Moss Takes The Wedding Dark Side For Agent Provocateur
I usually don’t refer to myself as a deeply romantic kind of person. I like to believe (and so I’ve been told to be) that... Read More

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Just for your ears delight and your legs moving without your consent, here’s a cheerful tune I’m sure all of you have (at least) heard... Read More

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That’s like the tip of the iceberg for celeb designers. Having your own clothing line it’s the first step. That’s what you get when you’re... Read More

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I’m sure we all have our moments when a bit of Anger Management would be necessary. For us or for the others. No matter who’s... Read More

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Even from the moment it was presented, the Prada Spring Summer 2008 Campaign literally freaked me out. The Trembled Blossoms animation film is an offense... Read More

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