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Men’s Style School Uniform Part One: The Don’ts
Come Fall, school is back on everyone’s lips and, for fashion mindful individuals, the wardrobe becomes a wonderful place to experiment and establish a style... Read More

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H&M Proudly Shows The Olympian Swedish Design Spirit
I saw this story a couple of days ago and really wanted to write about it. Because, as I see it, H&M is one of... Read More

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Christian Lacroix Now Makes Uniforms: For CityJet
After hearing about Ghesquiere’s depart from Balenciaga, I suddenly remembered another brilliant designer who was forced to shut his Haute Couture line not long ago:... Read More

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Ralph Lauren’s Olympic Team Uniforms: Made In China Label, A National Threat
Talking about National matters… I know, I know, it doesn’t have much to do with Bastille Day, but still.. Have you heard about the political... Read More

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Virgin Uniforms From Banana Republic
A Project Runway type of initiative, the new Virgin America uniforms as designed by Banana Republic look classy and modern. Take that red (on my... Read More

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Strict School: Jil Sander Navy Fall Winter 2012 2013
Work, school. It’s all pushing us out to do things this Fall Winter 2012 season! Here’s Jil Sander Navy Fall Winter 2012 2013! If wearing... Read More

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The Lost Uniform
While the world’s fashionistas struggle to find the rarest, coolest, most unique and original jumpsuit, I’m writing about uniforms! That shouldn’t be fashionable at all!... Read More

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Spread The Word: The Uniform Project
The fashblogosphere has a special category of daily fashionistas who dress themselves and take a picture, make an article around it. In order to see... Read More

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