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10 Christmas Gifts For Hipsters!
If you’ve checked out almost everyone on your list and already got them the gifts you thought they’ll love, there’s still someone left who’s …... Read More

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Megan Fox Is Pregnant; Jalouse Apologizes To Megan For Misquote
There’s a rumor flying around saying that Megan Fox would be pregnant. The same has been said before and proven wrong, so I think we... Read More

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Care For A Purple Umbrella?
Yesterday’s Hump Day edition was delayed. I do not plan on giving up on it just yet. Because I reserved you this high dose of... Read More

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Burberry’s April Showers 2010 Collection
Putting together Burberry and rainy days makes just as much sense as associating Burberry with the tartan print. Thus, Burberry’s April Showers collection is as... Read More

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Perfect Casual Urban Attire
You really missed this one, Mr Schuman! And I couldn’t feel more happy to be the one to break this perfect outfit to you! No,... Read More

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Madonna’s Most Stylish Bathing Suit
For someone who’s inhumanly fit, Madonna sure has a strange way of showing that highly trained bikini body! She was recently photographed wearing what could... Read More

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Only Monica Bellucci Cannes!
Monica Bellucci is most waterproof in Cannes. During an appearance for a French Television Channel Show, Monica kept her usual irresistible glam self under cover.... Read More

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Light Drops For The Rainy Days Diva
After the glowing purse, now here comes another one of those glitzy wonderful inventions ready to bright up your days! Especially your rainy ones! The... Read More

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