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Terry Richardson, The Offender. Will Get Away With It. Again
You may have noticed that following the Terry Richardson scandal a while back, I chose to not feature any of his work, even if it... Read More

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Jourdan Dunn’s Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Ad
Now there’s something you don’t have to miss: Jourdan Dunn advertising for Yves Saint Laurent Spring Summer 2011. And it’s not just any advertising, oh... Read More

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Anja Rubik Refused Richardson’s Pirelli. Doesn’t Understand Richardson Controversy
In a recent interview with Anja Rubik over at the Frockwriter’s, she talked about anything and everything (including few upcoming covers she’ll be on and... Read More

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Lady Gaga Covers Vogue Hommes Japan
That’s the way that art goes, gross and beyond any other comment! Thank you, Lady Gaga, for teaming up with one of fashion’s most notorious... Read More

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Tavi Gevinson At War Against Terry Richardson!
While Tavi sometimes raises my eyebrows, I have to stand up for an honest round of applause this time! Yes, in Tavi’s honor! Remember those... Read More

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Rolling Stone Covers Lady GaGa In June 2009
I remember the good ol’times of Britney Spears and dancing in the classroom or Xtina’s Genie in the Bottle ways… How time flies! The new... Read More

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