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Marc Jacobs $1,495 Teddies Bag
When do you know your actions can be described as crossing some kind of line? When you’d be spending a whopping $1,500 on a spotted... Read More

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Kate Moss Loves Her Teddy Bear
Remember Comic Relief and their Red Nose Day initiative? This charming little video that follows takes you for a ride with the Misery Bear and... Read More

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The Lagerfeld Steiff Teddy Bear Unleashed!
When I first heard about this Steiff Lagerfeld project, I hoped it won’t be spawned. It was! I’ve never seen something as fierce (it even... Read More

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Children Can Learn Many Things On The Internet!
Two days have passed and I still can’t get over this campaign. Besides the aesthetics of the idea brilliantly represented with these innocent toys losing... Read More

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Karl Lagerfeld to Become a Steiff Teddy Bear
Now this is an example of disturbing news! Steiff, the worldwide renowned teddy bear German producer is set to transform Karl Lagerfeld into one cuddly... Read More

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Fashionable Ado(red) Teddy Bear
Nothing particular in mind when we decided to show you this Ado(RED) Bear except that it’s a really cute teddy bear. We found it yesterday... Read More

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