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Thierry Mugler’s Nicola Formichetti For Beautiful On The Inside
Nicola Formichetti who was officially known for his work with Lady Gaga will make his official catwalk debut for Thierry Mugler on January 19, in... Read More

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Glittery Gold Temporary Tattoos
Because I find new things to put on my letter to Santa every day, I’ll be sharing those charming bits and pieces of Christmas with... Read More

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Tattooed Kitchen Roll. How About It
Does it really make a difference? If your normally white kitchen rolls would be tattooed? Would you wipe things differently with a tattooed piece of... Read More

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Tattooed Kitten. Too Much?
We’ve seen the high and lows of tattoos here. And I’m sure we’re far from seeing it all! This comes as an additional proof that... Read More

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More Amazing Tattoos
As the days go by, my eyes feel the unique pleasure of seeing some pretty outstanding ink works. It’s almost sartorial, since you can always... Read More

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Tattoos – The Remedy For Baldness
At least as far as Jamie Foxx is concerned, his retrieving hairline can be hidden under a thick layer of ink. The actor was recently... Read More

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Extreme Face Makeover
This is a non-altered image of a young man. As far as we know, this hasn’t been touched in any way (photoshop-wise) and the young... Read More

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McQueen Alien Shoes As Tattoo
We’ve seen them on the catwalk. They managed to raise our eyebrows pretty high and dream about concealed alien eggs and all sort of creepy... Read More

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