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Skull Ring By Vivienne Westwood
Banishing skulls, skeletons et caetera from the kids wardrobe doesn’t mean I can’t hide a tiny, sparkling little skull in my jewelry case! (that is... Read More

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$27,000 Glamophone With The Lady Dior Cell Phone!
I’m looking at this picture and keep wondering why would anyone want to talk to a piece of bling! I mean look at this new... Read More

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Viktor & Rolf The Freishütz Opera Swarovski Cristallized Aplenty
Fashion and music work wonderfully together. Especially when we’re talking about opera music – it just makes it all outstandingly extraordinaire! Dutch designers Viktor &... Read More

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Swarovski D:Light Watches
Swarovski crystals no longer accessorize a wristwatch, now they make a watch by themselves. The D:Light, Vanguard Avant Time. The design of this Swarovski timepiece... Read More

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The $3,000 Anita Bikini
How can you refuse the true delight of wearing a bathing suit made with 5,000 Swarovski crystals? Especially since it costs only $2,986! A true... Read More

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The World’s Longest Wedding Gown Train
A new world record has been broken: the world’s longest wedding gown train measures now 1,579 meters long (5,180 ft); previously, the longest wedding gown... Read More

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Amanda Lepore’s Amanda Perfume By Christophe Laudamiel
Everyone (and their dog) has a perfume these days. Everyone knows the ways of fashion and beauty industry so today’s news comes as no surprise:... Read More

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Do You Like Victor Vetterlein’s Crystal Jewerly Case?
Have you ever felt the need to push the market’s boundaries and find the perfect way to wrap a present? I know I did! I... Read More

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