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D & G Ski Mask For Glamorous Skiing
Skiing just got a bit more glamorous, more blingy and fancy. It seems that if you take any object and cover it in Swarovski Crystals,... Read More

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Janet Jackson Barbie Doll
With the Holidays season comes the charity season as well. It’s a kind of complimentary season to any season, actually, however it’s more poignant as... Read More

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Edgy Look With The Lanvin Snake Necklace
With all that’s going on in the fashuniverse these days, it’s really hard to not find something suitable when you want to edge up your... Read More

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Celine Dion Sunglasses. Would You?
Browsing the fashinterwebs I came across something rather unbelievable today: Celine Dion Sunglasses! Yes, you’re reading that right! The new Celine Dion sunglasses come with... Read More

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Swarovski City Park Short Animation
There’s advertising and then there’s advertising. While I may not be a devoted fan of crystal miniature animals, I do feel my heart in a... Read More

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Crystal Feathers Jeans
Just when you thought you pretty much seen it all, when it comes to tacky, there’s no actual limit to what a dubious taste/d mind... Read More

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Rodarte For UNICEF Collection With Maggie Cheung
Now for those of you feeling moody today and not really crunching Perry Como’s Papa Loves Mambo – I have something ready for you! Hot... Read More

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Light Up The Club With The LED’s Dress!
Wearing a dress for a dancing night out may seem as a highly improbable choice if you’re in for the moves. What if you were... Read More

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