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Dorothy’s Ruby Slipper By Alberta Ferretti
Alberta Ferretti is part of a project called Ruby Slipper Collection and working on a collection that should be unveiled in September 2009 Fashion Week.... Read More

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Charlize Theron Vs Katie Holmes Roger Vivier Shoes
(I’m sincerely beginning to enjoy this!) I imagine there’s some secret service in the Cruise scientostarship of life to evaluate every day’s internet activity on... Read More

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The Amazing Nat-2, The Sandal Shoe!
Just imagine taking the bus and having everyone (and their dog) stepping on your toes! Tragedy! I remember a disco night out that almost ended... Read More

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Solemates Keep You Out Of Trouble
How many times you found your glamorous high heels stuck in some grate somewhere and took at least five minutes (feeling like an eternity) to... Read More

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The Ankle Purse Dilemma – Bebe Vs Chanel
Remember that Chanel Ankle Purse I thought it was beyond outrageous? Agyness tried to convince us it was uber cool and uber trendy but still... Read More

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Switch Flops – Change Straps Like You Change Shoes
This could be the next big thing in shoes! And why shouldn’t it be? I know I have at least one pair of flip flops... Read More

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High Chair Shoes
The High Chair Shoes. No. the HIGH chair shoes. No. the high CHAIR shoes. No, no no! the high CHAIR SHOES! And I kid you... Read More

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Alexander McQueen Puma Celula Sandal
How about some sport shoes? Not the regular ones. One Puma sandal to keep wearing even with one elegant outfit. I always wanted to wear... Read More

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