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Edun Replaced Butterflies With Owls For Fall 2012 Ad Campaign
… and as much as I like Owls (this white one looks particularly impressive), I was way more impressed by last season’s butterflies. However, I’m... Read More

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Have You Seen Sienna Miller’s Vogue UK Pictures?
You know I was b!tching and moaning about Vogue UK’s April 2012 cover story and associated pictorial with Sienna Miller? You’re kind on me if... Read More

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Amazing Edun Spring Summer 2012 Butterfly Ad Campaign
I’m all skeptical when it comes to an eco – friendly label issued under a big fashion luxury house – remember Emma Watson for Alberta... Read More

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Lady Gaga’s Rolling Stone And V Magazine Column
I wanted to share something with you: Lady Gaga has a fashion magazine column. In V Magazine, to be more exact. Sure, she also graces... Read More

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Abbey Lee Kershaw By Ryan McGinley Controversial Video Ad
Now let me show you (another example of) just why I’m disappointed with the fashworld and the fashpeople when they’re trying to fed us with... Read More

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The New Advertising Fashion
There’s something about the new advertising. Something really bigger, stronger, smarter than me. Because I don’t really get it. Come watch the two following videos.... Read More

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Rolling Stone Covers Lady GaGa In June 2009
I remember the good ol’times of Britney Spears and dancing in the classroom or Xtina’s Genie in the Bottle ways… How time flies! The new... Read More

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