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Rachel Zoe’s Website
Rachel Zoe goes global! Through her website, you can browse the Zoe Report or ask Zoe, either way, your daily Zoe fix is just a... Read More

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Kanye West, The King Of Pop?
Self crowned, of course, just like the rest of Kanye’s titles and ego-honors! Now after seeing what he recently declared I’m starting to believe the... Read More

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Gisele Bundchen’s London Fog Fall Winter 2009 2010 Ad Campaign
Pregnant but not showing it. So many women dream about that! But what are we to do with the moral issues of such strange wanting?... Read More

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Diddy, P Diddy, The Black James Bond!
There nothing to worry about (yet), James Bond will surely be selected from a handful of carefully picked genuine actors, but Sean P Diddy Combs... Read More

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Hilary Duff’s Femme For DKNY Jeans Collection
I won’t even try hard to demonstrate how Hilary Duff’s Femme collection for DKNY Jeans project a very distorted image, the photos (ad campaign vs.... Read More

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Christy Turlington’s Age Issue Vogue August 2009
Last’s year Age(less) Issue was fronted by Kate Moss looking all groomed and perfectly lady-ish, so inappropriate for the real Kate Moss! But look at... Read More

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Donna Karan Fall Winter 2009 2010 Ad Campaign
…Meanwhile, in Fashworld, new advertising campaigns are on the way, insulting our vigilance with misleading images like Donna Karan’s Fall 2009 ad campaign. Featuring Toni... Read More

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Christian Audigier Doesn’t Like Victoria Beckham’s Collection
Tattoo t-shirts king Christian Audigier doesn’t like the designer in Victoria Beckham. Or more specifically: doesn’t approve to the lack of designer in Victoria Beckham.... Read More

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