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The New iPhone 3G S
For over a year now, the entire world has been speculating about the next iPhone. There was even a time when the next iPhone was... Read More

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Fancy This Samsung E250 Cacharel Mobile?
If you’re a Cacharel fan, you have to know that there’s a mobile brand working with the prestigious perfume name for your inner Amor Amor... Read More

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Tiffany & Co Diamonds Phone Is A Bestseller!
Tiffany & Co got its hands into gadgetry too. Their phones (made with Softbank Mobile) were encrusted with over 400 diamonds and priced at appx... Read More

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Linda Evangelista Ad For The New Prada Phone
The new Prada mobile phone, by LG is a coming soon subject. But that doesn’t stops Prada from advertising with its new spokeface – Linda... Read More

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Samsung Presents The Perfumed Lavender Mobile Phone
What could convince you to change your mobile phone? A better design? Higher performances? Easier accessibility? How about perfume? A perfumed mobile phone? And by... Read More

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Emporio Armani Goes Mobile (Again) With Samsung
If it brings in cash for the house, than it’s a go! Emporio Armani mobile project with Samsung gets another name and another face. This... Read More

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Your iPhone Is LV Or Diamonds Compatible?
If you love your phone, you’ll take good care of it. By that I’m saying you shouldn’t put it in the same place as the... Read More

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My Dior – $5,000 Christian Dior Phone Out Next Week
I thought it was a bad joke, but then again after taking a second to think that Prada and Dolce & Gabbana phones were no... Read More

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