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Paris Hilton Is Vacant In New Zealand
Paris Hilton’s picture can be seen on huge billboards in Auckland, New Zealand. Only Paris Hilton is not responsible for this one! Her face is... Read More

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Siren By Paris Hilton
Bored out of its synapses, Paris Hilton‘s solitary neuron decided to throw another party. And because it was clueless about the party’s theme, there goes... Read More

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Paris Hilton JC Penney Disaster
I dis-style you, Paris! Let me count the ways! 20s bob hairstyle matched with black see through corset. Why? Shiny sleeveless vest matched with studded/sequined... Read More

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Padma Lakshmi Ad For Carl Jr
Remember that viral Paris Hilton Carl Jr. ad? Well, Padma Lakshmi is taking the Paris-Carl advertising road to the consumer’s heart! Being brought up as... Read More

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Paris Hilton Does Nylon Magazine November 2008
I really felt safe without Paris in fashion magazines! Now here she is at it again, doing only what she knows doing – posing. But... Read More

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Paris Hilton’s Fairy Dust
Paris stubbornness to present herself as a princess or fairy tale-ish character eludes me. There she goes again, Tinkerbell-ish, promoting yet another one of her... Read More

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Paris Exclusive Jewelry Collection
No good news is old news! I wondered what life can be for someone who lost (almost) every penny… And thinking about that, and a... Read More

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Step Into The New Year With the Hilton Sisters, Mandy Moore, Elisha Cuthberg and Ashlee Simpson
Dance me to the end of night. Those should have been the words of Leonard Cohen for last night. The end of one year and... Read More

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