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Peaches Geldof Manicure Daisies And Letters
I found something interesting to show you. As a French Manicure girl, I always raise my eyebrows very high whenever I see a quirky manicure.... Read More

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Chanel’s Mimosa Yellow Nail Polish Vs. Leo DiCaprio’s Yellow Scooter
You know by now: every summer, you have to paint your nails bright yellow. Because you can never have enough of bright sunshine, there’s got... Read More

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Nail Art: Keith Haring Manicure
We’ve talked about the Keith Haring shoes as designed by Nicholas Kirkwood and the minute I saw this manicure, I knew I had to come... Read More

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The Nail Polish Names Issue
Ever wondered where do Nail Polishes get their names from and who baptizes them? Well, we may finally have a break on that one! The... Read More

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The New It Nail Polish Yellow Bananas Manicure
Summer is here, yellow nail polish is the right nail thing to do and you know it! Regardless of the Chanel minty trendy stuff, you... Read More

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J. Crew And The Boys Pedicure Issue
We’re no strangers to lil’ boys pedicure, are we? In fact, we’ve discussed it before and we pretty much agreed that it was slightly over... Read More

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Perfect Spring Nails
You know I’m a French Manicure girl all the way (ok, the red Christmas nails make a glorious exception). However, I’m not blind and I... Read More

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OPI Pirates Of The Caribbean Nail Polish Collection
If you’re as eager as I am to see the upcoming installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean series, then you’re going to love this... Read More

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