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Models Own Gold Rush $130,000 Nail Polish
While everyone (and their dog) is out there (or inside, where it’s warm) hunting for bargains this Black Friday, I’d like to introduce you to... Read More

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Katy Perry Nail Polish Collection By OPI
After doing that Burlesque collection, it was time for OPI to engage in some new fashadventure that’ll make every nail fashionista out there dream. Teenage... Read More

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Tom Ford’s Black Orchid Makeup Case For Holidays
How is it that no other designer has overcome her/his fashinfluence and turned it into magic, fascination and more like Tom Ford? Women of the... Read More

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The New French Couture Manicure YSL Fall Winter 2010 Nail Polish Collection
A while back I told you about my secrets to a perfect (French) Manicure. I’m sold to that and can’t have my nails wear anything... Read More

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Want Morticia Addams Nails? Essie’s Morticia Nail Polish
I’m a French manicure girl through and through. When I have the time and the necessary nails length! Otherwise I’d just settle for a pale... Read More

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Cheese Nails For A Tasty Manicure
I’m sure there’s a solid reason for this. I actually think it’s a reminiscent of that yellow nails polish hot wave we all felt at... Read More

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Strawberry Nails Forever
It’s the season! It’s the berry-moment. Strawberry, Blackberry (not the mobile type), it’s all there, reach out and make your fill! And while you’re at... Read More

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OPI Nail Lacquer Winter 2010 Collection: Burlesque
Just in case you were overwhelmed with the over fueled Aguilera – Gaga who’s copying who intrigue, this piece of news comes just in time... Read More

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