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Megan Fox New Lips
Looks like our mini league Angelina Jolie found something special under the Christmas Tree this time! A Botox dose for her (already) carefully crafted lips!... Read More

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Megan Fox Is In Wonderland, September 2009
Megan Fox, this rebellious, young version of Angelina Jolie does yet another magazine pictorial. That, of course, is partly due to her latest film coming... Read More

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Megan Fox Covers SciFiNow Magazine
I could go on endlessly about why and how, the pros and the cons of this new Megan Fox cover. But the short, simple truth... Read More

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Megan Fox Before And After
I’ve never been as interested in Megan Fox as to look into her (past or present). But something has caught my attention while doing my... Read More

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Megan Fox Covers Elle US In June 2009
Megan Fox used to be called a younger Angelina Jolie. Tattoos and physique called for that comparison. Elle US brings the new Angelina, Megan Fox,... Read More

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