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Fashionably Religious With Louis Vuitton Menorah
If you’re preparing for Hanukkah, but in the mean time you can’t part ways with your Louis Vuitton-anything, here’s the great news for you: Michael... Read More

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Madonna’s Louis Vuitton Photoshoot
You know the rumor saying that Madonna will shot an advertising campaign as the face of Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2009 ? It’s false! The... Read More

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Louis Vuitton’s Monogram Flowers Diamonds
Now if I can have a monogrammed bag, a monogrammed ring, monogrammed-you-name-it, why not a monogrammed diamond? Montblanc has it, so does Louis Vuitton! The... Read More

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Sean Connery Ads For Louis Vuitton Core Values By Annie Leibovitz
My favorite James Bond ever got himself in a little bag trouble these days. Not only he’s still rocking gorgeous looks even after all these... Read More

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Laetitia Casta For Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2008-2009 Ad Campaign
Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2008-2009 gets another face and another photographer for another ad campaign. Laetitia Casta by Annie Leibovitz for Louis Vuitton winter 2009... Read More

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Louis Vuitton 1001 Nights Jewelry Collection
I promise you, more I look at this collection (especially the $ 725 bracelet), I get the feeling it’s a kitsch. Why? Because it looks... Read More

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Dazed and Confused September Fashion Special Issue
The 165th issue of Dazed and Confused features three girls with a high Miu Miu engage factor. (Have I already told you just how much... Read More

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Your iPhone Is LV Or Diamonds Compatible?
If you love your phone, you’ll take good care of it. By that I’m saying you shouldn’t put it in the same place as the... Read More

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