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Changing The World One Image At The Time: Lego, Barbie & More!
Struggling with body image and self esteem is an issue long transgressing our ‘generation’. If our parents and grandparents would rely on image to pioneer... Read More

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Fun Gadgets For Star Wars Lego Fans And More
Now that you got me started, you know I love a good gadget every now and then, but if you like some too, the better!... Read More

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Affordable Hermes Bag: The LEGO Birkin Bag
Now this is something new in the replica industry! A Hermes Birkin bag replica entirely made of original LEGO bricks that is also fully functional?... Read More

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Original Wedding Ring: Lego Wedding Ring
I once read a study saying that most grown ups remember the Lego pieces they had when they were children. However, among all those fond,... Read More

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Lego And Muji, The Amazing Special Series
There’s virtually no limit when it comes to Lego. Far from the original toy-status, Lego is now a legend and ready to join you in... Read More

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