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Julia Roberts Lancome Mascara Ad Campaign
You know I love Lancôme Mascaras. After years of trying and changing, I think Lancôme was definitely made for my eyes. So there’s really no... Read More

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Lancôme Introduces Arlenis Sosa!
Now this is better than an ad campaign and a model-based reality show! It’s Lancôme Introducing Arlenis Sosa! Fresh, beautiful, natural, with her feet firm... Read More

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Isabella Rossellini Too Old For Lancôme!
Isabella Rossellini’s Lancôme contract ended abruptly in 1995. Why? Because Isabella was considered too old to model for Lancôme! At the time, Isabella Rossellini was... Read More

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Lancôme Juicy Tubes P.U.R.E. For Your Ecoconscious Self
It’s reassuring to see the fashion/cosmetics giants getting their eco vibes on! The legendary Juicy Tubes from Lancôme go P.U.R.E. (Premium Unique Raw Elements). With... Read More

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EBay Wins Against Lancôme
It may not look as the most stylish news, but you have to believe me when I say history is growing right before our eyes,... Read More

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Givenchy Phenomen’Eyes Mascara
My faithful mascara (Lancôme) lives its last days and I begun the mascara hunting party. I came across this Givenchy and was most amazed with... Read More

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The Woman After Lancôme
Et Dieu créa la femme… But He obviously forgot to ask the Lancôme people how to make her… Well, if they didn’t have a saying... Read More

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Estée Lauder Turbo Lash Mascara Vs Lancôme Ôscillation Mascara
I’m a Lancôme Mascara Girl. Sometimes I betray them for a bit of Yves Saint Laurent or Chanel. But then I get back to my... Read More

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